Shout-Out Time! (Video #53) Finger Sports Olympics with Dave, Butch & Abraham Lincoln

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Russian Alphabet Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony

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Registration for the New York City Marathon opens on Thursday

The registration for the New York City Marathon opens on Thursday noon Eastern for both guaranteed as well as non-guaranteed appliers. The whole application process for the race this year is scheduled for 1st November, features few alterations, including a shorter application window as well as relaxed time qualifying standards.

The registration time for New York City Marathon 2014 was open for around 3 and a half months, while the registration for the race this year, would close after a month, on 15th February. There are several routes, as usual, into the race. People who do not have any guaranteed entry could enter the lottery, but the scopes of getting in through that path are quite low. Previous year, 9170 of 77087 lottery applicants were granted a place in the race, a rate of just under 12%. Read more »


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t.A.T.u. Not Gonna Get Us (Live Performance) Sochi Olympics 2014

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Guns & Ice: Winter Biathlon Challenge – Top Gear Winter Olympics – BBC

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Speed Skater Vs Jaguar XK on Ice! – Top Gear Winter Olympics – BBC

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Bassoonathlon – 2014 Olympics Tribute – The Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet

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